On new ternary hafnium aluminides containing palladium, platinum and gold


Chem. Met. Alloys 5 (2012) 8-15




Six new ternary aluminides, HfAu0.61Al1.39, HfAu0.84Al1.16, HfAu1.18Al0.82, Hf1.31Pt4Al10.13, Hf6Pt1.42Al5.58, and Hf6Pd1.37Al5.63, and a previously reported one, Hf5Ni4Al, were prepared by arc-melting. Their crystal structures were studied by X-ray powder diffraction. The above mentioned intermetallics crystallize in the MgNi2, MgZn2, Fe2P, Sc1.2FeSi9.8, W6Fe7, and Zr5Ni4Al structure types, respectively. The coordination environment and interactions of the atoms in the investigated compounds are briefly discussed.



Unit cell and coordination polyhedra of the atoms in the structure of Hf5Ni4Al.



Hafnium / Ternary aluminides / X-ray diffraction / Crystal structure