Point defects and mechanisms for the formation of thermoelectrical solid solutions PbTe-³2Te3


Chem. Met. Alloys 5 (2012) 77-83


Dmytro FREIK, Liliya TUROVSKA, Volodymyra BOYCHUK


An analysis of the concentration and temperature dependencies of thermoelectrical parameters of the solid solutions n-PbTe-³2Te3 and p-PbTe-³2Te3 is presented. Two mechanisms for the formation of solid solutions based on PbTe have been considered within the framework of the crystal-quasi-chemical formalism: the substitution of bismuth ions at lead positions BiPb+ with appearance of cation vacancies VPb2- () or neutral interstitial tellurium atoms Tei0 (). The dependencies of the Hall concentration and the concentration of point defects on the composition of the solid solution and the initial deviation from stoichiometry in the matrix were calculated.



-PbTe-³2Te3 ³23.



Lead telluride / Solid solution / Point defects / Crystal-quasi-chemical formulae / Mechanism for the formation of defects