On the crystal chemistry of new ternary rare earth gold aluminides


Chem. Met. Alloys 5 (2012) 23-32




Eight new rare earth gold aluminides R3AuxAl11x (R = Y, Gd, Ho, Er, and Tm), RAuAl3 (R = Yb and Gd) and RAu3Al7 (R = Y) have been synthesized by arc-melting, followed by annealing at 600ºC. The crystal structures of the compounds were solved from powder X-ray diffraction data. The above mentioned intermetallics crystallize with four known structure types, La3Al11, BaAl4, BaNiSn3, and ScRh3Si7. Structural peculiarities, coordinations and interactions of the atoms in the investigated compounds are briefly discussed.



Projection of the R3AuxAl11x structure onto the YZ plane. White circles represent R atoms and grey filled circles M (Au and Al) atoms



Rare earth intermetallics / Ternary aluminides / X-ray diffraction / Crystal structure