The ternary system HfGaSi at 600ºC


Chem. Met. Alloys 5 (2012) 84-89




The isothermal section of the phase diagram of the ternary system HfGaSi was constructed in the whole concentration range at 600ºC, using X-ray powder and single-crystal diffraction. Continuous solid solutions Hf5Ga3‑xSix (x = 0-3) and Hf2Ga1‑xSix (x = 0-1) are formed between the isostructural binary compounds Hf5Ga3 and Hf5Si3 (structure type Mn5Si3) and Hf2Ga and Hf2Si (structure type CuAl2). The other binary compounds of the systems HfGa and HfSi do not dissolve noticeable amounts of the third component. One ternary compound, HfGa0.33Si0.67, is formed in the system (structure type TlI, Pearson symbol oS8, space group Cmcm, a = 3.7338(7), b = 9.889(2), c = 3.7441(7) Å). No tendency towards ordering of the Ga and Si atoms was observed in the structures of the ternary phases.



Isothermal section of the phase diagram of the system HfGaSi at 600ºC



Hafnium / Gallium / Silicon / Phase diagram / X-ray diffraction / Crystal structure / Solid solution