Structure of TbAg0.46In1.54 from single crystal data


Chem. Met. Alloys 6 (2013) 7-11


Marta DEMCHYNA, Bohdana BELAN, Mykola MANYAKO, Viktor HLUKHYY, Yaroslav KALYCHAK


The TbAg0.46In1.54 compound was prepared by arc-melting of pure metal ingots under an argon atmosphere. The crystal structure of TbAg0.46(16)In1.54(16) was refined from X-ray single crystal diffraction data: space group P63/mmc, Pearson code hP6, Z = 2, a = 4.798(2), c = 7.341(2) Ǻ, R1 = 1.79%, wR2 = 4.40%. The title compound crystallizes in the CaIn2 structure type with the 4f site occupied by a statistical mixture of Ag and In atoms.



View of the TbAg0.46In1.54 structure approximately along the [110] direction. Arrangement of the hexagonal Ag/In nets is indicated



Terbium / Silver / Indium / Crystal structure / X-ray single crystal diffraction