The ternary system HfGaSb at 600ºC


Chem. Met. Alloys 6 (2013) 75-80




The isothermal section at 600ºC of the phase diagram of the ternary system HfGaSb was constructed in the whole concentration range, using X-ray powder diffraction. Limited solid solutions based on the binary compounds HfGa (17 at.% Sb), Hf5Ga3 (11 at.% Sb), and Hf5Sb3 (3 at.% Ga) were observed. Four ternary compounds form at 600ºC: Hf2GaSb3 (structure type Zr2CuSb3, Pearson symbol tP6, space group P-4m2, a = 3.89841(8), c = 8.62650(19) Å), HfGa0.1Sb0.9 (FeSi, cP8, P213, a = 5.5752(3) Å), Hf5GaSb3 (Hf5CuSn3, hP18, P63/mcm, a = 8.4747(5), c = 5.7190(5) Å), and Hf5Ga1.84-0.72Sb1.16-2.28 (Nb5SiSn2, tI32, I4/mcm, a = 10.84972(15), c = 5.50154(8) Å for composition Hf5Ga1.51(2)Sb1.49(2)). The ternary phases, except HfGa0.1Sb0.9, are characterized by full or partial ordering of the Ga and Sb atoms.



Isothermal section of the phase diagram of the system HfGaSb at 600ºC



Hafnium / Gallium / Antimony / X-ray powder diffraction / Phase diagram / Crystal structure / Solid solution