The Cu2SCu7PS6Cu6PS5I quasiternary system


Chem. Met. Alloys 6 (2013) 183-187


A.I. Pogodin, I.E. Barchiy, A.P. Kokhan


The Cu2SCu7PS6Cu6PS5I quasiternary system was investigated by differential thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction in combination with mathematical modeling. The phase diagram of the Cu7PS6Cu6PS5I system, perspective views of the phase interactions in the ternary system, and a projection of the liquidus surface were constructed. New complex compounds do not form. The ternary system is of the invariant eutectic type and characterized by the formation of limited solid solutions. The three-dimensional one-, two- and three-phase regions present in the Cu2SCu7PS6Cu6PS5I system are described.



Perspective view of the Cu2SCu7PS6Cu6PS5I quasiternary system



Phase diagram / Thermal analysis / X-ray diffraction / Superionic conductors