Phase diagrams of the Cs3Sb2I9Cs2TeI6 and Rb3Sb2I9Rb2TeI6 systems


Chem. Met. Alloys 6 (2013) 192-195


I.P. Stercho, I.E. Barchiy, E.Yu. Peresh, V.I. Sidey, T.O. Malakhovska


The Cs3Sb2I9Cs2TeI6 and Rb3Sb2I9Rb2TeI6 systems were investigated by DTA and X-ray diffraction, and the phase diagrams were constructed. The binary systems are of the invariant eutectic type and characterized by the formation of limited solid solutions. New complex compounds do not form.


[AC12] coordination polyhedra forming the framework of the perovskite structure.



Phase diagram / Thermal analysis / X-ray diffraction / Complex halides