Charge carrier transfer in amorphous (GeS)1-Bi films


Chem. Met. Alloys 6 (2013) 200-204




The influence of Bi additions on the electrical and photoelectrical properties of amorphous (GeS)1-Bi films (0 ≤  ≤ 0.15) has been investigated. Adding Bi to amorphous GeS condensates leads to changes in the mechanism of conductivity and inversion of the conductivity type. Bi-additives reduce the activation energy of photoconductivity and photosensitivity of the GeS films. The changes of the physical properties of the films are explained considering a heterogeneous structure of the condensates and defect states in the mobility gap.



Intensity dependence of the photoconductivity of (GeS)1-xBix amorphous films at 300 K and 345 K



Amorphous films / Chalcogenide semiconductors / Defect states / GeS-Bi