New ternary phases from the RAuGa systems (R = Gd-Tm)


Chem. Met. Alloys 7 (2014) 42-55




Twenty rare-earth gold gallides, RAu3Ga7 (ScRh3Si7-type, space group R-3c, Z = 6, hR66), RAu3xGa3x (YCd6-type, space group Im-3, Z = 24, cI68), RAu1+xGa2-x (MgCuAl2-type, space group Cmcm, Z = 4, oS16) (R = Gd-Tm) and R14Au34+xGa17-x (Gd14Ag51-type, space group P6/m, Z = 1, hP65) (R = Er, Tm), were synthesized by arc-melting, followed by annealing at 400-600ºC. Six phases RAu1+xGa3-x (BaAl4-type, space group I4/mmm, Z = 2, tI10) (R = Gd) and R3Au3+xGa8-x (La3Al11-type, space group Immm, Z = 2, oI26) (R = Tb-Tm) were prepared by the flux method. Their crystal structures were studied by X-ray powder or single crystal diffraction. Structural peculiarities, coordination and interaction of the atoms in the investigated compounds are briefly discussed.



The RAu3+xGa3-x structure.



Rare-earth intermetallics / Ternary gallides / Crystal growth / Single crystal / X-ray diffraction / Crystal structure