Physico-mechanical properties of tape and bulk samples of amorphous alloys based on Fe


Chem. Met. Alloys 9 (2016) 48-53


Lidia Boichyshyn, Oksana Hertsyk, Myroslava Kovbuz, Tetiana Pereverzieva, Oleksandr Rudenko, Maksym Nizameiev


The influence of the solidification rate of the melt was investigated for amorphous metallic systems based on iron: Fe60Co7Cr4V2W1Mo1Nb1B20C2Si2 (HB-4), Fe68Mn1Mo4Cr2C7P10B5Si2Cu0.3W0.3Al0.3 (HBPC-4), Fe55Ni8Co6Mo4Cr2V1Al2P9C6B5Si2 (NHRP-6). Rapidly cooled (105 K·s-1) alloys in the form of tapes with a thickness of 35 μm showed lower microhardness and higher plasticity. The surface composition of bulk samples cooled at a rate of 103 K·s-1 differed from that of tape samples, due to slow diffusion and formation of two or three phases. Some samples were enriched with Cr, V, W, Mo, Nb, or Mn. Bulk alloys showed higher microhardness and lower plasticity than tape samples.



Мікрофотографія поверхні об’ємного сплаву NHRP-6



Amorphous alloys based on Fe / Bulk and tape samples / Microhardness / Plasticity / Elemental composition