The solubility of silicon in LiSn binary phases


Chem. Met. Alloys 9 (2016) 92-97




During an investigation of the interaction of the components in the LiSnSi system, the existence of seven binary compounds was confirmed in the LiSn system by means of X-ray powder diffraction. A continuous series of solid solutions was found between the Li17Sn4 and Li17Si4 binary intermetallides with Li17Pb4-type structure. The cell parameters within the solid solutions change approximately according to Vegards law (Li17Sn4-Si ( = 0‑4),  = 1.9714(1)-1.8718(1) nm). The variation of the lattice parameters within the limited solid solutions based on LiSn (up to 10 at.%) and Li7Sn3 (up to 5 at.%) binary compounds was also determined.



Atomic layers at z = 0 and 1/2 in the structure of the LiSiSn1- ( = 0-0.2) solid solution.



Crystal structure / X-ray powder diffraction / Binary compound / Solid solution