Point defect structure and 57Fe hyperfine parameters of Fe-Al powders doped with Ni, Cu and Cr additions


Chem. Met. Alloys 1 (2008) 128-132


Aneta HANC, Janusz E. FRĄCKOWIAK, Lucjan PAJĄK, Grzegorz DERCZ


In the present work Fe-Al-X (X=Cu;Ni;Cr) metallic powders produced by the self-decomposition method of Fe-Al doped alloys were examined by Mőssbauer spectroscopy. The concentration of Fe vacancies and Fe atoms substituting for Al (Fe-AS) was determined from the intensities of the sub-spectra in the Mőssbauer analysis connected with distinct Fe environments. The results show that nickel and copper produce an increase of the vacancy concentration in comparison with the values found for Fe-Al metallic powders, whereas chromium decreases the vacancy concentration, causing a significant increase of the anti-site atom Fe-AS concentration.


Mössbauer transmission spectrum for Fe-Al metallic powders obtained by the self-decomposition method. The best fit and component spectra are drawn with lines, points are experimental data.



Iron aluminides / Defects / Point defects / Mőssbauer spectroscopy / Fe-Al