Isothermal sections of the SmCoZn and GdCoZn phase diagrams at 470 K


Chem. Met. Alloys 1 (2008) 168-173


Oksana Ya. ZELINSKA, Anatoliy V. ZELINSKIY, Volodymyr V. PAVLYUK


Phase equilibria in the SmCoZn and GdCoZn ternary systems have been investigated by X-ray powder diffraction. The isothermal sections of their phase diagrams have been constructed over the whole concentration range at 470 K. The SmCoZn system is characterized by the formation of six ternary compounds: Sm2Co2Zn15, SmCo3.2-3.5Zn1.8-1.5, SmCo4.4Zn0.6, Sm2Co5Zn2, SmCo2Zn, and SmCo2Zn20. The GdCoZn system is described by the formation of four ternary compounds: Gd2Co2Zn15, GdCo3.5-3.8Zn1.5-1.2, Gd2Co5Zn2, and GdCo2Zn20. The maximum solid solubility of Zn at 470 K is observed in the binary SmCo2 compound (15 at.%), and the maximum solid solubility of Co is observed in the GdZn compound (10 at.%). The homogeneity ranges of the solid solutions on the basis of the other binary phases do not exceed 5 at.%.
















Isothermal section of the SmCoZn phase diagram at 470 K.



Ternary alloy system / Phase diagram / Intermetallic compound / Solid solution