Interaction in the system based on the Cs3Sb2Br9(I9) and Cs2TeBr6(I6) compounds


Chem. Met. Alloys 10 (2017) 113-119


Ivanna Stercho, Artem Pogodin, Oleksandr KoKhan, Igor Barchiy, Anatolii Fedorchuk, Iwan Kityk, Michal Piasecki


The physico-chemical interactions in the system based on the compounds Cs3Sb2Br9, Cs3Sb2I9, Cs2TeBr6, and Cs2TeI6 were investigated by DTA, XRD and MSA, in combination with mathematical modeling. Due to the formation of an unlimited solid solution in the Cs2TeBr6Cs2TeI6 system, the investigated multicomponent system is presented as the Cs3Sb2Br9Cs3Sb2I9Cs2TeBr6I quasiternary system. The projection of the liquidus surface and an isothermal section (573 K) were constructed. The Cs3Sb2Br9Cs3Sb2I9Cs2TeBr6I system is of the invariant eutectic type. The crystal structures of the Cs3Sb2Br9(I9) and Cs2TeBr6(I6) ternary compounds were determined and compared with related B-deficient perovskite structures.



Liquidus surface projection of the Cs3Sb2Br9Cs3Sb2I9Cs2TeBr6I system.



Halide perovskite / Phase equilibria / Solid solution / Liquidus projection / Crystal structure