Polyhedration of the PbSSeTe system


Chem. Met. Alloys 10 (2017) 120-125


Michal FILEP, Marjan SABOV


Polyhedration of the quaternary PbSSeTe system was carried out. Three new quasi-binary systems: SePbS, TePbS and TePbSe, and two quasi-ternary systems: PbSPbSeTe and PbSSeTe, were established. The phase equilibria in the SePbS, TePbS, and TePbSe quasi-binary systems were investigated by DTA, XRD and MSA. The systems belong to the eutectic type, the coordinates of the invariant eutectic points being 5 mol.% PbS, 402 K (SePbS), 3 mol.% PbS, 697 K (TePbS) and 3 mol.% PbSe, 688 K (TePbSe). The corresponding T-x phase diagrams were built. The quaternary system PbSSeTe is divided by the PbSPbSePbTe, PbSPbSeTe, and PbSSeTe quasi-ternary systems into four secondary subsystems: PbPbSPbSePbTe, TePbSPbSePbTe, PbSPbSeSeTe, and PbSSSeTe.



Quasi-ternary and secondary quaternary systems in the PbSSeTe system.



Lead chalcogenides / Quaternary system / Polyhedration / Phase diagram