Phase equilibria in the Tl2SHgSSnS2 system at 520 K and crystal structure of Tl2HgSnS4


Chem. Met. Alloys 10 (2017) 136-141


Lyudmyla Piskach, Mariya Mozolyuk, Anatoliy Fedorchuk, Ivan Olekseyuk, Oleg Parasyuk


The phase equilibria in the quasi-ternary system Tl2SHgSSnS2 at 520 K were investigated by X-ray diffraction. The isothermal section of the system at 520 K was constructed. One quaternary compound, Tl2HgSnS4, was found at this temperature. Tl2HgSnS4 crystallizes in a tetragonal structure, non-centrosymmetric space group I-42m, unit cell parameters a = 7.8571(6) Å, c = 6.6989(7) Å, V = 413.5(1) Å3.



Projection of the unit cell of Tl2HgSnS4 onto the xy plane and the coordination polyhedra of the atoms.



Thallium chalcogenides / Crystal structure / Phase diagram / Isothermal section / Xray diffraction