Hydrogen diffusivity in Fe-40 at.%Al alloy


Chem. Met. Alloys 1 (2008) 227-234




Hydrogen diffusivity in iron aluminide (Fe-40 at.% Al) was studied using the electrochemical permeation technique at various cathode current densities. The effective diffusion coefficient was evaluated using the time-lag method. The changes in hydrogen diffusivity in the studied alloy were interpreted based on the observed changes in the charging conditions and the membrane structure.



The permeation curves for the Fe-40 at.% Al alloy at different values of cathode polarisation current density : a ic = 2.5510-3 A/m2, b ic = 5.1010-3 A/m2, c ic = 9.5510-3 A/m2, d ic = 12.7410-3 A/m2, e ic = 19.1110-3 A/m2.



Iron aluminides / Electrolytic charging / Hydrogen diffusivity