Phase equilibria in the systems CuInS2-CdIn2S4 and uGaS2-CdGa2S4


Chem. Met. Alloys 1 (2008) 265-269




Phase diagrams of the systems uGaS2-CdGa2S4 and CuInS2-CdIn2S4 were constructed using results of DTA and X-ray phase analysis. These systems are of the eutectic type with coordinates of the eutectic point 68 mol.% CdGa2S4, 1215 K (uGaS2-CdGa2S4) and 45 mol.% CdIn2S4, 1275 K (CuInS2-CdIn2S4). The solubility ranges of the boundary compounds were determined at 870 K. A mechanism for the formation of the solid solutions was proposed. It was proven that Cu atoms are replaced by Cd atoms in the position 4a in the structures of uGaS2 and CdIn2S4.


Phase diagram of the system CuInS2-CdIn2S4: 1 L, 2 L+ γ, 3 L+ δ, 4 γ, 5 γ+ δ, 6 δ, 7 β+γ, 8 β, 9 β+ δ, 10 α+β, 11 α, 12 α+δ.



Phase diagram / Solid solution / Crystal structure