AlCoW fusion diagram in the CoCoAlW part


Chem. Met. Alloys 1 (2008) 338-342




The fusion diagram of the AlCoW system in the CoCoAlW part was drawn using optical light, differential thermal, X-ray diffraction and electron microprobe analysis data. The alloys were prepared by arc melting. No ternary intermediate phase was found in this partial system above 900C. The phase equilibria between CoAl and W were established with the peritectic reaction L+WCoAl at 1650ºC. The CoCoAlW fusion diagram has two isothermal three-phase fields corresponding to four-phase invariant reactions with participation of liquid: L↔Co+CoAl+Co7W6 (1380C) and L+W↔Co7W6+CoAl (1490C). The solidus and liquidus surface projections and the vertical sections for 75 at.% Co and equiatomic Al and W are presented and compared with the isothermal sections at 1200C and 900C reported earlier.



Solidus surface projection of the AlCoW system in the CoCoAlW part.



Phase equilibria / Solubility / Fusion diagram / Solidus / Liquidus