Surface microstructure and optical properties of PbTe films on semiconductor and dielectric substrates


Chem. Met. Alloys 3 (2010) 140-146


A.N. Harbachova, G.E. Malashkevich, D.M. Freik, R.I. Nykyruy, G.P. Shevchenko


PbTe thin films on silicon, germanium, micaceous and glassy substrates, as well as on silica substrates coated with SiO2-, GeO2-, and HfO2-gel films, were prepared by means of precipitation from the gas-dynamical vapor stream. The microstructure of the film surface and optical properties in the middle IR-range as a function of the conditions of preparation and the nature of the substrate were investigated by means of scanning electron microscopy and FTIR spectroscopy. Analysis of physical properties of the substrates allowed us to deduce a correlation between the thermal conductivity of the substrate and characteristics of PbTe films prepared under the same conditions.



Scanning electron micrographs of PbTe films grown at Ts = 50°C, t = 15 min, on silicon (a) and germanium (b) substrates.



Surface microstructure / FTIR spectroscopy / SEM / Thin films