Parameters of the dendritic structure of copper alloys


Chem. Met. Alloys 3 (2010) 197-200




The influence of the conditions of crystallization on the microstructure of a binary leaded bronze was examined. The conditions of crystallization were modified by changing the cooling speed of the melt through preliminary heating of the casting moulds. Quantitative regularities of the influence of the cooling rate on parameters of the dendritic cells and the grain size are presented. Data on the formation of lead inclusions between the dendrites of the copper matrix are also reported. It is shown that cooling rates of the order 100‑150/s lead to the formation of dendritic structures containing only axes of the first and second order. A decrease of the cooling rate at the moment of crystallization to less than 15/s leads to the appearance of axes of the third order in the dendrite matrix.



Macrostructure of castings obtained at the cooling rates 158/s.



Dendrites / Bronze / Crystallization / Copper