Various configurations of F-H pairs in CaF2 crystals


Chem. Met. Alloys 4 (2011) 26-30


S.I. Kachan, E.E. Obukhova, S.A. Stepanov, E.P. Chinkov, V.F. Shtanko


The spectral and kinetic parameters of electron-pulse-initiated transient absorption and luminescence of nominally pure CaF2 crystals were studied using pulsed spectrometry with nanosecond time resolution. The effect of temperature on the formation of defects was studied. It was established that on increasing the temperature F-H pairs and unknown defects are created. Laser-induced change is studied by optical absorption and luminescence due to F-H pairs generated by an electron pulse in CaF2.



A schematic configuration of coordinate curves for the hopping motion of an interstitial fluorine atom that is part of a Frenkel pair.



Fluorite crystals / Point defects / Frenkel pairs / Separated F-H pairs