Phase relations in the Tl2SnSe3Tl4SnSe4TlBiSe2 quasiternary system


Chem. Met. Alloys 4 (2011) 94-97


A.A. Kozma, I.E. Barchiy, E.Yu. Peresh


The quasiternary system Tl2SnSe3Tl4SnSe4TlBiSe2 was investigated by DTA and X-ray diffraction in combination with mathematical modeling. Perspective views of the phase interactions and a projection of the liquidus surface were constructed. No quaternary compounds were observed. The system is of the invariant eutectic type. The three-dimensional one-, two- and three-phase regions present in the Tl2SnSe3Tl4SnSe4TlBiSe2 system are described.



Liquidus projection of the Tl2SnSe3Tl4SnSe4TlBiSe2 system



Phase diagram / Thermal analysis / X-ray diffraction