Structural changes and mechanical properties of amorphous metallic ribbons Fe(Ni, Co, Mn)MoSiB irradiated by powerful nanosecond laser pulses


Chem. Met. Alloys 4 (2011) 85-88


Stepan I. MUDRY, Yulia S. NYKYRUY


The influence of pulsed laser radiation on the structure and mechanical properties of amorphous Fe(Ni, Co, Mn)MoSiB films has been investigated. The structural changes caused by the irradiation were studied by X-ray diffraction and the microhardness of the initial and irradiated samples was measured by the Vickers method. It was established that small additions of Ni, Co, or Mn have a significant influence on the crystallization process of the irradiated alloys. Irradiation leads to an increase of the microhardness for some values of pulse energy.



Diffraction patterns of the alloy Fe75Mo2.5Mn2.5Si6B14 irradiated at E = 0.245 mJ



Amorphous alloys / Nanocrystalline materials / Laser irradiation